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New Promotion .... It's Cool !!! article

New Prormotion for June 2007

 "New promotion for our member, KR offer a very attractive scheme for you;

  1. Buy KR Bonafide size 60capsules (any  type) 1 bottle get 1 free 60 capsule of
    •            Beta Carotene  value B.2,340-/60caps.
    •          Extracted Collagen value B.2,340-/60caps.
    •     Extracted White Tea  value B. 1,950-/60 caps.
    •                 Co-enzyme Q10 value B.2,340-/60caps.
  2. New Member Welcome

              New registering member only B.500- will get a gift set of 10 capsules set value B.1,170-/set . (1 set comprise of 3 items)

  • Beauty Set                          
  •  Healthy Set            
  • Sliming Set               

Select one set above with a complementary set of instant white tea set  75 gm.


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