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KR Bonafide… The Pure Natural for Happy Life


Krittiya Royal Ltd. An expert company with long experience in imported, exported distributed, food materials additives, flavoring, texturizing, extrcting from natural and synthesis ingredients for variety in food industries Food Supplement, Chemicals.  Comprising to the excellent service and support to the all level customers in food industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Personal care industry, Hospital and all smaller customers.


Recently, the company has established Supplement Food Division to manufacture Food Supplement for health under the brand : KR Bomafide” for consumer who prefer to improve their health and recovery from many fever and condition decline by age, food and environment.


We bring knowledge and experiencing in food, food supplement, food extract related to human health, to develope high quality products comply with standard of FDA, Health Ministry with lower price comparing to those food supplement sold in the market. Besides, we are welcome to subcontract manufacture food supplement for company who require to produce their own brand name with complete line of product, labeling, packaging, deliverying.

It is now available for Hard Capsule, Dry Blended in container, bottle and pouch.


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Why Food Supplement ?icon

Having balance food, you may still question that is still necessary to take any special food supplement? There are 2-3 reasons supporting the benefit of taking good food supplement.

Get to Learn KR Bonafideicon

KR bonafide is a well selected food supplement from NATURAL sources. Passing treatment and packing in variety package like hard capsule, instant drink and syrup etc.  There are many products launched in the market as following;

Selecting supplement for your beauty skinicon

Beauty skin is based on clean skin and treating by suitable products of each individual and have healthy food, none toxin. Anyway, when food is not sufficient, we can have supplement food to support.



New Promotion .... It's Cool !!!icon

Let take a look... What's out from this month !!!

Providing sticky and elastic gel. It’s extracted from collagen of bovin’s bone and skin, or from pig or fish source. 

Smart Dairy Replacericon
Dairy blended powder for replacing dairy materials such as Lactose powder, Skim milk powder, Butter milk powder, Whey powder, etc. 
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