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Smart Dairy Replacer article

Dairy blended powder for replacing dairy materials such as Lactose powder, Skim milk powder, Butter milk powder, Whey powder, etc.  It combine with several necessary dairy ingredient and other food additive for the similar performace to dairy ingredients.  Smart Blended are available for special specification. 

Smart Dairy Replacer are offering to manufacture who are facing dairy materials' shortage, expensive and some quality problems.

Smart brand available now;

  • SmartLac®        Lactose replacer with economic cost
  • SmartWhey®    Whey Powder replacer (11-12%protein) with economic cost
  • SmartSMR®     Skim Milk Replacer (26% protein) with economic cost. 
  • SmartBMR®       Butter Milk Replacer with economic cost. 


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