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Gelatin article

Providing sticky and elastic gel. It’s extracted from collagen of bovin’s bone and skin, or from pig or fish source.  There are two processing types;

1.      Alkaline Treatment will have isoelectric point from pH 4.7-5.0

2.      Acid Treatment will have isoelectric point from pH 7.0-9.0

Gelatin’s gel is thermal reversible. It form gel at about 20°C  and melting at about 30°C. We measured gel strength by Bloom gelometer. The general bloom strength is between 50-300 bloom.



1.      Dessert gel dos. 8.0-10.0%

2.      Ice cream dos.0.2-0.5%

3.      Soft drink

4.      Yogurt dos.0.3-0.5%

5.      Ham dos.0.3-0.5%

6.      Jelly 2.0-3.0%

7.      Capsule 1.5-2.5%

Krittiya Royal Ltd. is an exclusively importer and distributor of clean and high quality gelatin with health certificate, free from BSE and other deceases, so guarantee for all food safety processing.

For more information with recommend of use, please fill in your requirement and return back to us via fax or phone to our technical department.


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