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Why Food Supplement ? article



                 Having balance food, you may still question that is still necessary to take any special food supplement? There are 2-3 reasons supporting the benefit of taking good food supplement.


1.      FOOD :  Without having natural extracted food, you may lack of some food nutrient like some vitamins and minerals may be lost during transportation and storage, preparing and cooking.  Or some fresh natural food may lack of important nutrients i.e. Choline vitamin, L-carnitine – which help to trap body fat or calcium to help bone building.  Deficiency of some necessary  nutrients in vegetarian. Besides, some food could caused poison effect to body such as high fat food, food containing toxin, preservative food, color, very salty or sweety taste, or food cooked by unconscious sanitary cooker.     

2.      POLLUTION     :    from environment. Waste water from factory and home. Bad smell from filth, poisoning fumes from car and factory.  Receiving these poisoning substance for long time, body will create free-radical and cause a lot of deceases.  We have to prepare our health and protect from the worse poison environment presently.

3.      BODY :  The nature provide life’s power and healthy body. It’s growing better from child to adult. Our internal organ can work well with strong resistant to decease and high efficiency due to the completion of metabolism, building more and continuously of anti-oxidant, good hormone system.  However, those mentioned efficiency will be declined according to weakness health or age while our body still get the poison substance into body.  Approximately, our body would reduce all anti-posioning after 30 years old while the free-radical has built up continuously as well as other poisoning received from food and environment. Therefore, our body is declined so fast.


While talking “Eating complete nutrient and happy life” are the basic of good health. We are some time seeking some special nutrient.  The high stress and lot decease cause food supplement products become to be the important part of our life.  The complicated life and fast food or ready cooked food, recovery illness, planning conceives, vegetarian, getting old, are reason to seek additional extra nutrients.  Moreover, daily food taking may lacking some nutrients.  Hence, you can imagine how benefit of food supplement for your life.

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