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Get to Learn KR Bonafide article

KR bonafide is a well selected food supplement from NATURAL sources. Passing treatment and packing in variety package like hard capsule, instant drink and syrup etc.  There are many products launched in the market as following;

                  Capsule supplement                           


TruTea                        : The green tea extracted with higher 25% tea polyphenol, anti-free radical against cancer.


TruTeaPlus                :  The white tea extracted with higher 30% tea polyphenol, an high efficiency anti-free radical.


TruFOS                      :  Complex sugar, Oligofructosaccharide, with fruity sweet taste no scaventure, noncariogenic or decayed tooth, low calories, and the most important is pre-biotic property.


TruCal                         :  The real calcium from milk with balancing minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese, copper. There are very similar to human’s bone ratio and result to be absorb better than other calcium sources. For bone building in child and protecting Osteoporosis in adult.


TruCal D                     :  The milk mineral complexed with special adding vitamin D.


TruCholin                    :  Extracted from soy bean. High cholin will support brain efficiency and reduce cholesterol.


TruFit                          :  L-carnitine extracted for weight loss, energy booster and body efficiency.


TruFiber                     :  Fiber extracted from natural konjac. Reducing weight and constipation, get rid the toxin.


TruCollagen               :  Extracting from sea fish with clean and safe. Delayed aging and complexion treatment.


TruVita A                    :  Beta carotene, an anti-free radical, for retarding aging of skin gum tooth and bone. Enhancing night perceived.


TruQ10                       :  Coenzyme Q10 for a healthy body, delay deterioration of metabolism and exhausted.


Altramore                    :  Antioxidant complex, anti free radical preventing cancer. Healthy skin and gum, delayed aging process. Preventing heart decease and high blood pressure.


Vitamore BACE        :  Vitamin complex for anti free radical, anti cancer, enhancing eye and gum health. Energy and immunity building, reduce exhausted


Instant White Tea  :  Instant drink white tea.

FOS Syrup             :  Convenience for replacing sugar

PROMAX                :  To build up strong muscle, repaired tissue, recovery health, weight loss and reduce glucose in blood.


For completing supplement food lines, Krittiya Royal is planning to develop other supplement food to cover all health’s problems as possible. 


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