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Selecting supplement for your beauty skin article

Get to know your skin



Our skin comprising of 3 layers are;  

1.      Epidermis, an out most skin layer which contains fat and protein

2.      Middle layer containing many protein group. The important are collagen and elastin

3.      Dermis, the inner most skin layer containing fat cell and 3 spiral lines of collagen for strengthen and holding water for skin moisture, and elastin, a protein line connect to carbohydrate line to make elasticity of skin.

However, collagen and elastin’s molecule could be destroyed by free radical from food, air pollution, invisible wave and radioactivity. The free radical make up 2 problems.

Acutely     : to be infected and tissue destroyed.

Gradually : creating cancer , heart decease, vascular decease as well as aging decease condition.

Therefore, we must find some procedure to protect body from these free radical by having fruit and vegetable food as well as supplement food for repairing and protecting our complexion from destroying of free radical.


Secrete to protect skin from free radical

Anti-free radical is a stopper of oxidation reaction from free radical, otherwise, this reaction will continue to react as long as our cell is destroyed permanently.  As result, many deceases from cell deterioration is happened.  Besides, Anti free radical will strengthen blood vascular wall that help better blood circulation. Nutrients will be absorbed and waste can be carried out from cell easily.

Free radical will be over after react to free radical but it can be recovered again when charging with stronger anti free radical. Therefore, we should have many anti free radicals from food as they are more effective than only one.  Moreover, a very strong anti free radical like Coenzyme Q10 can build energy to cell for all activities such as building collagen.

Other anti free radical like white tea, provide EGCG (Epigallo Catechin Gallate) can get rid of toxin and bleach bad residue out from body.


Menu for beauty skin

Beauty skin is based on clean skin and treating by suitable products of each individual and have healthy food, none toxin. Anyway, when food is not sufficient, we can have supplement food to support;


·        Protein extracted from sea fish : A quality protein source that our body can apply it to build collagen and elastin. Moisturizing, create elasticity and reduce wrinkles smooth skin.

·        Beta carotene : Having 6mg./day will help to improve skin’s membrane which beta carotene (or vitamin A) will help to be healthy complexion.  Now a day, there are many extracting beta carotene for sale in capsule on drug store.  Likely to have it for strengthening complexion before encounter the sunlight.

·        Coenzyme Q10 : There are available both cream and capsule version. CoQ10 help skin to flight with sunlight, prevent from aging cross and mark.  Actually, this antioxidant is auto synthesis inside our body, but less when we are getting older, thus, all these mark appear.  Consequently, we recommend to apply this supplement indvance.

·        Serenium : It is a necessary vitamin which absorbed to co-efficient with other vitamins like vitamin E to get the better result. While this co-vitamins will enhance elastic and look young skin.


Benefit of food supplement to complexion

            All women need delight and look young face, but not everyone getting healthy complexion without skin’s cross, mark, pimple, scum or freckles, if so, there would be very less and only lucky lady. To have a beauty consistent complexion, we should have to learn how to treat skin in the right way.   


Food supplement, therefore, an important helper to be a perfect beauty lady.


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